All It Takes Is a Spark

Our passion began to burn in 1990, in the corner of an Idaho potato equipment facility. We started out as Idaho Technology, Inc., developing products with a firm commitment to eliminate disease through smart thinking and product innovation. That spark quickly became an inferno as we introduced a number of “firsts” to the molecular diagnostics and biosurveillance industries. In 2012, we changed our name to BioFire Diagnostics, Inc. to reflect more accurately our outward passion and commitment.

On January 6, 2014 BioFire Diagnostics merged with bioMerieux. To better serve our markets and customers, and meet government regulations on security and business ownership, BioFire Diagnostics split into two companies: BioFire Diagnostics and BioFire Defense. BioFire Diagnostics is now the Center of Excellence for Molecular Diagnostics and responsible for manufacturing, marketing and sales of the FilmArray system.

Igniting Innovation

With FDA clearance of the revolutionary FilmArray system, BioFire has set a new standard in molecular diagnostics. Featuring unmatched usability, the FilmArray’s comprehensive respiratory panel tests for 20 viral and bacterial targets in one, 60-minute test. That’s a feat that no other product on the market can match. Physicians attain answers sooner. Laboratories maximize productivity and reduce costs.

Innovation at BioFire continues with the development of new panels like the Blood Culture Identification Panel, Gastrointestinal Panel, Meningitis Panel and the Lower Respiratory Panel. Much like the FDA cleared Respiratory Panel, these new additions will provide fast, comprehensive results.

The Fastest Way to Better Results

A child enters the Emergency Room with an unknown illness, and a doctor needs answers right away:

  • Is it RSV influenza or B. pertussis?
  • Should the child be isolated?

When it comes to patient care, time is critical. The FilmArray Respiratory Panel provides faster results to these questions to help find answers in an efficient and cost effective manner.

FilmArray is unlike any other molecular diagnostic system on the market. It is:

Easy to use. The sample is easily loaded into the pouch. No precise measuring needed.

Comprehensive. The only system that completely integrates all the processes required to simultaneously analyze a sample for multiple nucleic acid targets, including sample preparation, reverse transcription, PCR, detection, and analysis.

Fast. In as little as two minutes, the patient sample is loaded into the pouch and placed into the system for an automated test. Results are generated in about an hour. And with 20 respiratory targets in one test, it is the most comprehensive panel on the market.

Set the World on Fire

Today, our passion burns brighter than ever. We remain committed to the mission we set out to do way back in that Idaho potato equipment facility to combat disease through superior thinking and product innovation. Join us in setting the world on fire.